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Developing the leaders of today, for tomorrow, requires professional coaching.  At LN Consulting our coaches work with executives, business leaders and emerging talent to develop high performance behaviours, embed sustainable business growth strategies and support the building & maintenance of resilience and wellbeing.


The coaching team is led by Paul Saunders. Paul is a fully registered Psychologist with a Masters in Science (Neuroleadership). The coaching team are all fully registered psychologists with extensive business leadership experiences. Paul’s peer reviewed model of neuro coaching is the foundation of the executive coaching services they offer. Using this scientific model has produced outcomes for our clients in developing and maintaining resilience, sustainable business growth and wellbeing in career progression.


The most prized and valued skill of our coaches is their ability to reflect back, with crystal clarity and no judgement, the inner dynamics of their clients in a psychologically safe environment. The combination of this safety, neuroscience knowledge and foundation of strength based psychology allows LN Consulting’s executive coaches to deliver powerful programs enabling coachees to thrive, change, lead and achieve their set targets and goals. 



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