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Executive leadership coaching

Coaching grows your capacity to lead others in a dynamic changing world, bringing clarity, growth & resolution.
"Teach a person to fish and they can feed themself for life."

As a leader of a business, firm or organisation  you require specialist coaching that produces outcomes beyond self awareness and people management. Executive Coaching will develop your thinking, skills and habits, and assist you in creating internal strategies, systems, processes and capability to perform, thrive and flourish at the C Suite level.

Check out the reviews. LN Consulting Australia Executive Coaching services have produced outcomes for our clients in:

  • Implementing transformational change

  • Coping with ESG ambiguity & volatility

  • Developing and maintaining resilience

  • Developing your leadership coaching skills

  • Sustaining business growth

  • Conflict resolution

  • Clarifying  roles

  • Increasing emotional intelligence

  • Improving performance practices

  • Creating well-being in career progression

  • Transitioning to sustainable business practices.


We also offer both individual and team coaching sessions for senior leadership development, management of climate impact, environment, social and governance responsibilities (ESG) and wellbeing.

Leader as coach

A core capability for a business leader today is coaching. In the LN Consulting Australia 'Leader as Coach' program you will learn the relevant coaching techniques and frameworks for a leader to effectively coach their team. This program is targeted at emerging, middle and senior leadership team members.

Coaching for leader development

Coaching can help you:

  • create psychological safety in the workplace

  • develop your own coaching skills

  • strengthen your personal leadership capability

    • coaching team members

    • wellness & self management

    • resilience

    • stress management

  • strengthen your people management skills

  • develop strategic & succession planning skills

  • plan your career 

  • manage conflicts & dilemmas

  • expand your influence via improved public speaking & group communication skills

  • develop your teams

  • lead ESG change


When you are coached by an LN Consulting Australia Coach you can be confident in their coaching credentials. They all have experience working across many industries with executives, legal partners & principals, business leaders and emerging talent and have developed high performance behaviours, embedded sustainable business growth strategies and supported the building & maintenance of psychological safety, resilience and wellbeing in workplaces. 

As coaching often addresses challenges that require confidentiality, psychological safety, business and people leadership expertise, coaches require specialist knowledge, skills & sensitivity. You are in safe hands with the

LN Consulting Australia Coaching team, they are fully qualified, registered psychologists with extensive organisation, business and people leadership backgrounds.

Paul Saunders our Senior Psychologist is also a valued Fellow Member of the Association of Coaching. Contact the office to organise a coaching plan from LN Consulting Director & Senior Psychologist Paul Saunders, whose peer reviewed model of neuro-coaching is the foundation of our Executive Coaching services. 

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