Induction         & Compliance

Welcoming inductions can mean the difference between an engaged employee and a reluctant employee.

Our custom induction lessons follow 'a day in the life of your employee' to demonstrate your company values, ways of working and company communication processes.

Induction topics are presented in the form of mobile lessons and designed to sit on your employees phone or desktop. And as these mobile lessons are designed using canva and edapp they are quick and easy to update as your goals, results and people change.


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We also have mobile lessons to cover factories, laboratories, construction sites and office areas where safety is at a premium eg. ladder safety, how to use the fire extinguisher, working at height, storing & working with dangerous chemicals, dealing with spills, PPE accessories and how to wear them properly, lifting procedures, desk set up & exercises for maintaining great posture. 

mobile learning

        "its like having a coach in your pocket"

Learner engagement has been enhanced with our mobile lessons that include: games, video & animation for greater engagement.

Leadership communication topics, 

available as mobile lessons include:


Each lesson is customised by our team of trusted, experienced and qualified learning facilitators, animators and Organisational Psychologists to meet your specific organisational needs.


If you would like to integrate a mobile lesson with your own LMS we can do that. Ask us how here.

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