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App based e-learning

Learners access lessons, from our learning app, on their phones, notebooks or desktops.
Learner engagement has been enhanced with the inclusion of games, video & animation.

Have your specific and unique development needs met with our individually designed lessons. Lessons tailored by our team of trusted, experienced and qualified learning facilitators, animators and instructional designers to meet your company, business or firm needs. 

It's like having a coach in your pocket.

Lessons can be customised and branded for your company, firm or business.

Integration with your own LMS is also possible. 

Registered, paid account holders can access 55 leadership topics, including: Critical thinking, Coaching others, Giving & receiving feedback, Setting SMART goals, Leading team meetings, Building teams, Inclusion & diversity, Stamping out bullying, Difficult conversations, Conflict resolution, Building resilience, Leading change, Customer service, Engaging stakeholders, Growth mindsets, Psychological safety & wellbeing in the workplace.  Contact us.

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