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on the run

The podcast series “Leadership on the run” is a FREE training resource providing you with immediate, evidence based solutions to your workplace people leadership & coaching challenges.


One topic per podcast. In each episode  people leadership challenges are discussed and a framework for managing these issues is discussed.

Real life examples, pitfalls to avoid and the 'how to' steps for implementing in your workplace are all covered in these bite size episodes...just 15 minutes each.


Snack sized so you get immediate evidence based solutions to  your specific leadership challenges.

LN Consulting Australia Pty Ltd Directors Jeanine Browne (M. Bus M. Teach) and Paul Saunders (Psychologist, M. Science) are the people behind the microphones … with the occasional guest.


Click on a topic to listen:

  1. Setting SMART goals* 

  2. Asking for a pay rise

  3. Managing poor performance

  4. Resolving conflict 

  5. Getting ideas accepted by writing a business case

  6. Redirecting office gossip

  7. Conducting effective meetings

  8. Time management

  9. Coaching others

  10. Building a team

  11. Creating happy workplaces

  12. Bouncing back after a rejection

  13. Leading in times of crisis

  14. Influencing*

  15. Leading flexible and remote staff

  16. DiSC communication

  17. STOP worrying about work

  18. Making personal change/s

  19. Transformational change for organisations

  20. Networking

  21. Sources of workplace conflict

  22. Hybrid leadership*- squad goals

  23. Virtual presentations - make it the GOAT

  24. Managing boundaries in the hybrid work environment


*These episodes have e-guides for purchase.

SHOP and access the interactive elements and templates for

use in your workplace.


Future episodes include: virtual presentations, boundary management in the hybrid workplace, developing resilience, managing stress,  conducting difficult conversations,  engaging people, stakeholders and communities.    


Our aim is to have everyone living their people leadership potential.

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