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The circular business model

Are your products, processes and services aligned to meet the needs of customers, profit and the planet?


An introduction to the circular economy


A business value chain can either be part of a network organized as a straight line between natural resources and landfills - a linear process of take, make and waste - or part of a perpetual cycle of value with zero waste - where the circular process adopted seeks to decouple economic activity from the consumption of finite resources.


The transition from our current linear economy to a circular economy is based on three principles - all driven by design:

eliminate waste and pollution, reuse products and materials and regenerate nature to protect finite resources. 

Businesses and Governments around the world are shifting to these principles because it reduces the environmental impacts of production, while increasing the value of the resources that are used to create these goods and services.

In this introductory session, you can redesign a product in your value chain by reflecting on the functional and emotional needs that it serves and using the provided circular strategies, brainstorm new solutions that are better for people and the planet.

Suitable for conferences or as a lunchtime learning session 

Out "Introduction to the circular economy" session uses a hands on approach to develop awareness & understanding of how design might better align your business value chain with the needs of your customers, your profits and the environment.


Suitable for any audience of professionals.

Taking just 1 hour, it will fit nicely into your conference schedule - we specialise in after lunch sessions!

Can't wait for the annual conference?
No problem, talk to us about organising a lunchtime learning session with your department or team.
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