Building leadership capability

Learning channels:

  • face to face group workshops

  • integrated work projects

  • animated & gamified learning

  • mobile micro- lessons

  • micro assessment

  • coaching

  • facilitated web link sessions

Our our capability building model stands out from the rest.


1. We build in pre and post micro assessment allowing you to gather a continuing bank of data for leveraging the ongoing credibility, timeliness & relevance of your HR and L&OD solutions to the business.


2. Micro assessment is customised to align with your company leadership behaviours & competencies. It is story & scenario based and feedback rich so you can diagnose participant understanding of subject content and identify any implementation gaps for future interventions. 

3. Animation, video, links to research documents, and gamification are added to heighten engagement during the lessons. Prizes can be customised to fit your company culture and delivered online direct to the winning individuals/teams.


The blended learning example above was designed for a client who wanted to develop leaders who could cultivate teams and solve complex, unforeseen and mission critical problems. It included the following topics:


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