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Developing leaders

Facilitating change

Improving performance




LN Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

Live Your Potential 

is dedicated to executive, career coaching and leadership development.




LN Leadership institute

Make a Difference

is a trading name within LN Consulting Australia and is our distribution arm for all

our app based learning. 

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We are facilitators, psychologists & coaches.
We strengthen leadership performance, encourage sustainable growth and equip leaders to lead hybrid teams, manage change, communicate more collaboratively and create happy stress-free workplaces.

Leadership development and coaching sessions are designed using scientifically proven pedagogies and methodologies i.e. adult learning theory, cognitive behavioural engagement techniques,  experiential initiatives processes. 

Coaching is conducted by registered psychologists and the leadership capability building sessions are delivered virtually by professional facilitators using collaborative technologies, process facilitation and neuroscience frameworks.

Talk to us about engaging a business coach, mentor or facilitator for your next virtual experience:

  •  bespoke senior leadership team webinars

  •  coaching leaders & individuals through volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

  • wellness

  • increasing resilience

  • coping with change

  • leading for business continuity & sustainability

If you



  • Provide customised leadership development

  • Influence strategic change & direction

  • Build a resilient and mentally tough culture

  • Develop high performing teams

  • Resolve conflicts via effective communications

  • Manage difficult conversations

  • Integrate wellbeing into workplace practices

  • Lead a stable, productive and sustainable business

  • Gather meaningful analytics for the business

  • Optimise efficiencies through technology

  • Utilise evidence based methodologies & training initiatives

  • Strengthen digital leadership

  • Build leadership capability for the future

  • Develop an agile workforce

We can



​Delivering evidence based online and face to face products and services that are aligned to your company strategic goals. We offer you bespoke & personalised  leadership development workshops, micro lessons, webinars, facilitation & coaching.

Topics include:

  • Leadership

  • Remote team leadership

  • Leading during a crisis - business continuity & people leadership.

  • Personality & capability assessments - MBTI, Belbin, OPQ, DiSC, Saville, Hogan, MTQ48 and more.

  • Stress management & coping strategies

  • Conflict resolution

  • Conducting outdoor learning experiences (on hold)

  • Leaders as coaches - performance management

  • Developing rising talent & emerging leaders

  • Virtual facilitation & consultation skills

  • Implementing wellbeing & resilience programs