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Critical thinking

The rapid pace of change and unprecedented access to information makes critical thinking a skill leaders and decision makers need to sort through the chaos and lead with clarity and decisiveness. 


This lesson on critical thinking focusses on separating fact from fiction, transferring knowledge from one context to another, asking the right questions, and challenging assumptions. 


Whether you are seeking a new job, implementing a change, promoting a new product, service, or system, leading a team of people or simple being a parent, all these tasks will be smoother if you are able to choose and use the right influencing techniques. Influencing is one of the key skills for thriving in today’s accessible data rich environments.

Leaders as coaches

It is widely understood that leaders need to develop their team members and coach them in the roles they perform. However, did you know that leaders who coach their staff are more trusted, develop better working relationships with a diverse range of people and create a more positive team culture then those who don’t coach,  according to Heslin, Vandewalle & Latham, 2006 & 2017.

In this lesson, develop your coaching skills and watch your stats show greater retention, less turnover and a team willing to go the extra mile.

Leadership for hybrid workplaces

Hybrid leaders are required to create meaningful – individualised, touchpoints to effectively engage team members, no matter where they work. They need to be competent in pivoting their leadership style between virtual and in-person, to influence and coach online as effectively as they influence and coach in the field in-person.

Performance feedback

Make your performance conversations less awkward. Feedback, when done in the right way and with the right intentions, can lead to outstanding performance. Giving feedback is a skill, it takes practice to accomplish.


Discover tips, techniques, and a model to guide your feedback conversations. Learn how you can give feedback constructively and effectively, so your people stay engaged and on track.

Setting goals

Setting goals gives you forward momentum, it allows you to move forward towards your desired goals. Setting goals is a process that requires you to think about what you want, where you want to be and how you wish to get there. Essentially, you are determining your ideal future and mapping out a path to get there. To do this requires reflection and self-introspection to determine what you really want. This takes practise, so the sooner you get started the better.

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