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Strengthening teams & team



Profiling tools are most often used in during recruitment, career coaching, team and leadership development programs.

  • Increase self awareness

  • Build confidence 

  • Reduce team conflict

  • Increase communication effectiveness

  • Strengthen team performance

We use:

DiSC, HBDI, Hogan, Bar-OnEQi, MBTI, Belbin Team Profile, MTQ48, 16PF, Watson Glasser Critical Thinking Profile, Saville,  OPQ, LSI, GSI (Group Styles inventory), FIRO-B, FIRO‐In Business, 360 BY DESIGN®, Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP 360), GENOS, 360 by Design, Sigma Radius, Change Style Indicator (CSI), Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI).

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