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If you are having problems getting out of bed in the morning, feeling tired all day, lack energy, become easily disillusioned or cannot switch off from life’s may be burnt out.

A new study from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018, revealed half of us have a chronic health issue thanks mainly to our poor diets and lack of exercise. Another contributing factor is burnout.

Here is a quick burn out check test:

1. Has work /home/school become boring and marked by sameness and routine?

2. Do you find yourself constantly complaining about life and focusing on the negative?

3. Have you had emotional outbursts at home or at work?

4. At work/home/school are you more or less going through the motions with less personal involvement and little commitment?

5. No matter how much sleep you get, are you always feeling tired?

6. Do you increasingly resent constantly giving to others without receiving enough support yourself?

7. Do you feel that anything extra asked of you is an imposition?

By reducing the symptoms of burnout, you may improve your health. Initially, it may be helpful to see your GP, a psychologist, or a wellbeing health professional and discuss your symptoms and get some professional advice.

Simple strategies to reduce burn out are:

  • Re-structure your diary to include exercise daily and a good solid work out at least three times a week. Maybe buy a fitbit or other similar devices to track your exercise.

  • Create a regular sleep routine i.e. Always stop work two hours prior to going to bed and do something you enjoy or will relax you.

  • Create time in your busy life to stop and smell the roses – i.e. meditate, gardening, slow walks.

  • Allow time on the weekend to catch up with family and friends.

  • Start your day with three goals you want to achieve.

  • End your day reviewing your goals and other work and set up your actions and goals for the next day.

  • Review your career, seek out a career or life coach.

When we find time to do the small things, it helps us feel less overwhelmed by the big things.

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