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Straight form the horses mouth

4 micro-credentials you need to secure your place in the technology augmented future workplace.

I didn’t coin the label ‘micro-credentials’.

I was introduced to the term micro-credentials at a recent future of work seminar.

The 4 essential micro-credentials you require are:

Critical thinking

Complex problem solving



Some who fear the advancing of technology have communicated their ‘Armageddon’ scenario of AI taking over the world from human. Others expound their unwavering belief that technology will save us from ourselves. The current thought leaders in academia, policy making, economic technology and workplace law suggest a more transitional reality for the future of workplaces i.e. the technologically augmented job scenario.

In this scenario, job performance is enabled by technology. Technology has and will continue to enable changes in efficiency rates, lag times, performance measures, productivity inputs and outputs and health and well- being indicators. Think about how cloud and smart phone technology have already enabled us to work from virtual offices, measure our real time health status, organise, work, learn, manage & lead whilst working remotely and freed up our shopping, cooking & commute times. Technology is changing the human capabilities desired in workplaces.

To work effectively in a technologically augmented workplace human job task & purpose will evolve. People will be required to learn & master the micro credentials of: critical thinking, complex problem solving, coaching and consultation to continue to be relevant and to thrive in technologically augmented roles, workplaces and industries.

Pause for a moment to ponder how these 4 micro-credentials are key to you:

  • Being a leader in the workplace|community|government.

  • Working within technology enabled workplaces,

  • Being flexible and successfully obtaining new job opportunities,

  • Doing you current job better,

  • Strengthening the performance of your team

  • Being a leader

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